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Expectation vs. Reality

not sure what is worse

removing all of the sex scenes altogether


this thing they are doing

Seems like lately there’s been a lot of weird color-changing censoring in anime.  What is the reason behind it?  Love Stage and Tokyo Ghoul are good examples.  I’m not upset just curious: what’s the point of all this censoring, why bother showing the anime at all?

As has been mentioned several times before: the Tokyo Youth Ordinance (enacted late 2011, hence why stuff like Junjou Romantica is relatively explicit; because it came out before the law) bans anything deemed “harmful” to youth, so animation and publication companies must walk on eggshells to avoid running afoul of the law. It’s bullshit, and leaves us with this.

Wait, do you mean that these scenes won’t be uncensored in the DVD/BluRay releases? 

Does the Tokyo Youth Ordinance only apply to BL works, or are animation studios just being extra careful and self-restraining with their BL adaptations? Because I was under the impression that fanservice anime aimed at men is as pervy as ever… 

They’re not going to uncensor anything in the disc releases, no; they didn’t with SekaKoi, and that’s a far more popular series than LS!! It’s probably a budget matter as much as a censorship matter by that point.

And no, the TYO applies to all works, and I am not into hentai/het stuff, so I can’t tell you how much they’re reining things in because of the bill, but BL anime is very much being self-censored for fear of being taken off the air altogether because of the bill.

Here are a few articles about pieces that have been banned:

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-05-16/kadokawa-recalls-manga-that-tokyo-designated-as-unhealthy (of note, Kadokawa is the publisher of Love Stage!!)